img_20161017_090700Hey all! Quick update. Tash was admitted to the Hospital today for an EEG to scan the electrical activity going on in her brain while she has her seizures. We checked in this morning at 9 am and got her checked into her room. She was a bit nervous as, after her ER visit last week (See here: something has changed with her seizures. They seem to be shorter in length but rapid fire. Then yesterday, she only had one. Obviously we want the EEG to show SOMETHING so going in this morning, we were oddly enough, crossing our fingers that she would have seizure activity.

We didn’t need to wait very long.

While they were connecting her to the electrodes (an hour long process of gluing cables to her scalp which will undoubtedly be a hair washing nightmare of shampoo and nail polish remover), she launched into two VERY strong seizures. So this was good for the nurse and the techs to witness right from jump street.

So now, my lovely wife is nestled in her bed at the hospital letting the machines track her every seizure and brain activity. They also performed an Echo-cardiogram and later today I will be contacting cardiology to get her scheduled for her 30 day cardiac monitor.

20161017_104834As we go through this, please bare in mind that there are still growing expenses for her treatment but we are doing everything we can to keep her care going until we can get her quality of life back to one that is full of happiness and health. Thank you for continuing with following our journey together as we work to help Tash get better. If you have no way of assisting, we totally understand but if you could help us spread the word, we would be eternally appreciative and grateful. Thanks all.

Until Next time.