Hello all. Kenny here! So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted and there is much to report. First thing I want to say is a huge hearty THANK YOU! Everyone that has donated thusfar on the GoFundMe Campaign has been absolutely amazing. If it weren’t for the people that have shared and donated, I don’t know where she’d be right now. Honestly, we’ve been making the payments to the physician’s office from a medical account that consisted of donations from all of you and our own contributions. Well unfortunately, it has run a bit dry. We are looking at continuing our fundraising efforts. But while we are doing that, it was time for me to do some number crunching. And that number has been pretty staggering once we looked at it all. We wanted to share with you what your contributions have helped with for full transparency.
billsIn March, we paid $823 for multiple visits. In April, $867. May: $859. June: a whopping $1253. So far, July is at $696 and we have one more appointment tomorrow that’s going to add on to that. The reason July is lower is, unfortunately we have not been able to afford the supplements/medications that she has to take but I’m working on that right now. These numbers were eye opening. This is on the lower spectrum, to be honest, for a lot of people with Lyme. Frankly, there are people with Lyme that don’t really find help in the states and fly over seas for treatment. Just watched a story recently of a woman who is paying $100,000 to fly her family (they all either have or are symptomatic of Lyme) over to Germany for Hyperbaric chamber treatments. For us, this is only going back as far as March. We’ve been seeing this practice since January, and trying to find answers and treatments for over 2 years. This also doesn’t include Young Living oils that she uses, other supplements, epsom salts for her baths… the list goes on.
So where does that leave us now? Tash’s condition has taken a bit of a turn, though we’re assured that it’s one of those “will get worse before it gets better” scenarios. We have a video post coming up soon to show an example of how her seizures have progressed. Speaking of which, it has been confirmed that her seizures are actually that: Seizures. Not “episodes” and not “convulsions” but seizures.
Moving forward, we are pushing through with her treatments. Trying to keep things going so that we can get her healthy. How long will this take? We sincerely do not know but we’re hoping and waiting on that one day… that one moment where she looks at me and says, with that gorgeous gorgeous smile of hers, “My headache is better today… it’s going away”. I’m waiting for that wonderful day where she goes seizure free. For that time when she grabs me by the hand and says “we’re going for a walk”. I’m waiting for the moment where we plan a date and go out together, free of the fear that she is going to forget where she is and not begin to collapse and I have to catch her. While I gladly do every time, I know she wants to be able to stand on her own two feet, 100% sure of herself, feeling healthy, happy, and ready to take on the world again. But until then, we fight. We press on.
Right now, our medical fund is completely tapped. There is nothing left. We are doing our best to cover it ourselves but with the numbers above, it is sapping just about anything extra that we do have and then some. So for anyone that feels inclined, please know that we appreciate it more than you know. And on top of it, remember, we have the other fundraising opportunities on the store page found over at http://www.lifeandlyme.com/shop.
We are staying vigilant in working to get Tash well. Thank you for joining us on this journey.
Until next time… -K