Sorry it’s taken a bit to get an update to you all on how Friday’s Appointment for Natasha went. Okay. So here goes. New neurologist went over previous notes, and scans, from the last time she was in the office two years ago. Hee l0oked at video I’ve shot of Tash’s seizures. He listened to the accounts of her seizures, paralysis, blackouts and tremors but did not get around to the skin sensitivities, nerve pain and many other symptoms. He also pretty much skimmed over the nausea and vomiting. He did some “baseline” tests for signs of stroke and a few other things that would constitute needing an MRI, which according to him, she passed.

So what now? He wants her to do a 3 day EEG. The last time she had an EEG it was for only 30 minutes. Now this could mean either being admitted to the hospital for 3 days or having the take home version (which we’re hoping for) if the units are available. We’ll know about that early this week. What the EEG will do is tell us if there are electrical misfires in her brain that are causing the seizures(epilepsy, stroke, tumor, lesions, etc). There is a chance that we’ll find that it’s happening every time she has a seizure but the neurologist is suspecting something else.


What is that something else? Second, he wants her on a cardiac monitor for 30 days. The reason behind this is he primarily suspects that the root of her issues with her seizures are cardiac based, not neurological. His notes about her seizures state “probably blood flow issues such as hearth rhythm”. So in his opinion, the seizures, paralysis, blackouts, etc are likely to be caused by cardiac related problems. Regardless of what is the cause, both tests should be a lot of data mining for him that could determine the seizures (which in turn are more than likely causing the blackouts, paralysis, etc).


20161007_135043So that puts us, Tash more importantly, in a waiting position. Not necessarily where we want to be, but really aren’t many more options. Unless her condition gets worse, he doesn’t want to have her back in the office until those two items are complete. No MRI’s, no CT Scans, just… 30 day long tests.
For me, this is incredibly frustrating seeing her have to struggle, and wait, for what seems like ages. The frustration of dealing with the pain, isolation, and increasing symptoms continue to grow daily. And to know that we are now waiting another 30+ days before we can move forward is additionally frustrating.
Total side note, at the time that I wrote the above post, we had not received a call from the EEG center at the hospital but that all changed yesterday. If she did the home EEG, we would have to wait until October 24th, which won’t do. So we have opted to have her to be admitted into the hospital for three days for the test. The original plan was for Monday the 17th but I’m actually on the phone right now trying to bump it up (I came home from work today… her symptoms started getting pretty bad and it’s stressing the urgency). But that is where we are at right now.


In the mean time, I will be doubling my efforts to raise money for her acupuncture treatments and her visits with the primary care at the Naturopath’s office. I can’t sit idly by and let her continue to get worse without at least trying to make that work. So as we progress with this next stage, I will do my best to get regular updates rolling through here again. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop a comment here or on FB. Thanks all. Until next time.