Just a quick post but this needs to be said. Lyme is Real as much as Pain is Real. At the time of this post, we’re about 3 weeks into a flare-up for Tash. It’s taken me a bit to write this but it is definitely a post that needs to be made. For those that missed the video that Tash posted a few weeks ago, this plays into it so, let’s start here first:

I know for a lot of you, that’s a hard thing to watch. But I need…we need you to understand just how serious this can be. The other night, we began watching the documentary “Under Our Skin” and it is sad, fascinating and scary as hell. The first person affected by Lyme that you see on screen has symptoms that are extremely similar to Tash’s. She has hand ticks, facial spasms, uncontrollable movement and she is all around miserable. It’s heartbreaking. As a spouse, you want to wrap your arms around your loved one and comfort them. Tell them that everything is going to be alright. Last weekend, Tash had a flare up that was pretty heavy. To give you an example, with her permission, I’ve begun taking photos of some of her more intense moments. This post only has two of the shots but I wanted to provide some examples. Her hands have begun ticking, tapping, convulsing and ultimately “locking” in position like so:


Needless to say that this is a very painful way to live. When the infection crosses your blood brain barrier, it can cause all sorts of visual and highly apparent symptoms. In this case, think of a muscle “locking”, or going as taut as it can, that hits you suddenly and either needs massaged out or just stops on it’s own. Now imagine this happens 3/4 of your day if not more. It can be constant, it can be a repetitive type of “movement”, etc. That is what Tash is dealing with. Right now we are waiting on her blood work to come back and in the mean time, we wait. While we wait, we have visited Hawthorne Healing Center here in town and we absolutely love Dr Philips and Dr Asbil. Great care has been given thus far and they are currently working out a plan to bring Tash back to health.

Now. I’m going to close this post with a picture that is really hard for even me to see. This was taken during a very intense flare-up and the pain was staggering. My wife is… my life. And seeing her hurt just kills me. But again, this is life. This is what Lyme is like. Tash says to me “this is my life”. And just like I started this post I say again,  “Lyme is Real as much as Pain is Real.”

2016-02-21 11.13.31

I don’t want anyone reading this to feel that life is all doom and gloom. I know that it’s a very serious situation and it’s what we deal with. But we have hope. There is always hope. We push through everyday with the hope that the next day will be better. If it’s not? Then there is always another day after that one. We fight. We push. And eventually, we’ll win. She will beat this!

Want to reach out and send a message to Tash? Post a comment below or shoot us a message and we will respond. If you know of someone that is suffering from Lyme Disease and hasn’t taken action, please please PLEASE reach out and find a Lyme Literate MD. Search out a local support group for Lyme Disease affected people. Please get the help you need!