It’s been a long while since we’ve made an update to this site.

Matter of fact, the last time an update was made was back in December of 2017. A lot has happened from ER visits… air lifting… it was a lot. In the time from last June to this June, we have seen our shares of ups and downs. Doctor switching, treatment adjustments, some promising moments and others that were completely demoralizing. But the constant was that we had avoided any ER visits. No emergencies. This was the best news…

Until June. Right now, the month of June and I have a hate hate relationship. Tash started having some breathing issues. It was incredibly hard to draw a breath and it was becoming concerning that she was having another Pulmonary Embolism. It was recommended that we visit the Urgent Care that is part of her Primary Care’s office (so all records, tests were essentially in house). It ALSO just so happens that the Dr that essentially saved Tash’s life LAST June… was now working at this very Urgent Care. Talk about fortuitous connections. The wait was pretty long so Tash had me drop her off while she waited. She finally went back to a room and they were doing blood work, XRays, etc… The nurse left the room briefly and Tash started feeling pretty bad. She got up from the exam table/bed and staggered to the door to alert the nurse. The nurse was on the phone in the hallway, asked Tash if she was ok. At this point, Tash couldn’t answer and blacked out. She proceeded to do a trust fall… without anyone there to catch her. She hit her head on the floor and next thing I know I’m getting a call on from her cell phone from the Dr explaining she’s headed to the ER. We ALMOST made it a full year.

She was admitted for a night to be monitored but ultimately they released her (but also wanted her to wear a heart monitor) after a battery of tests (EKG, MRI, Xrays, etc). It appears she still has a clot and there are a few other things.

This brings me to where we’re at now. It has been recommended that we seek tests and treatment at OHSU in Portland. Which is 4 hours away. It took some doing on my part to push a little to get her appointment sooner than OCTOBER but I managed to get them to give us a July 23/24 double appointment for Pulmonology. SCORE! This is deemed pretty critical by her Primary care and other physicians on her medical team. We have this one and later in August, a Cardiology appointment (with hopefully Neurology to follow shortly thereafter). Except that being that it is an overnight stay, we need to bring the kiddos with us. That’s where the latest “dilemma” steps in.

Either hotels in Portland are really ridiculously priced (Anywhere between $450 – $1000 for the whole family) or there is an event happening in the area! One way or another I’m getting this done. It’s too important of an appointment for us to have to miss it. That being said, any help that anyone can assist with towards the stay while she goes in for Pulmonology at OHSU, it would be appreciated more than you know! (or if you want to go direct, let me know in a PM).