Or shave their heads… you pick!

So, I’m sure you have seen what an amazing baby brother I have. If you haven’t yet, pause and check out their Go Fund Me that they set up to help raise funds for my battle with Lyme Disease, and to help raise awareness for this awful disease. Words can’t express the appreciation I have for him and his beautiful fiance. When Kenny showed me what they had been working on, I lost it. This is tough journey already, without adding in the financial stresses of it all. So when I saw that they were trying to raise money for me, by shaving their heads… yes, BOTH of them… when different milestones were reached, I can’t express the love and support I felt from both of them. To say I appreciate it is an understatement.

Trav and Camille

Kenny and I were then talking about how amazing they are, and how amazing their hair is! Then the thought came to both of us, and was confirmed when a friend of theirs said that they should create a Go Fund Me to save their dreads…. what if some people didn’t WANT them to shave their dreads off. That would be me…. though I’m sure they could both totally rock it. I’m sure that they both love their hair too, or they wouldn’t have grown it out for this long. I mean, that took a long time to grow out! My hair wasn’t in dreads and just cutting off ALL THAT LENGTH when I had to cut it short, was so hard! For those that don’t know, 2 years ago I had to cut off over 14″ of hair, which reached all the way down to my hips, in order to lighten the load on my incredibly sensitive scalp. So, after talking it over with Trav, because he thought it was a great idea too. We came up with an idea…. to maybe give an “option” to those who might want to see their amazing dreads stay, but an opportunity to support as well.. we have set up an additional “advantage” on the main Go Fund Me page. And this is what we came up with

Give to theirs to shave their heads. Give to ours to save their dreads.

So here is the deal. The first Go Fund me to reach their goal, will decide the fate of the dreads! If you would rather see my wonderful brother shave those dreads and my beautiful sister-in-law channel her inner Sinead O’Connor then Go Donate on their Go Fund Me page!! If you would rather SAVE THE DREADS, then go to our Go Fund Me and DONATE!!!

Any and all donations are SO appreciated. All funds go to the same place and are being put into a special account that is used only for medical purposes. They are all being put towards covering testing, supplements, medications, Dr visits, and any other recommended alternative treatments. Again, we have a long journey ahead of us, and it will all add up. We won’t know the total scope until we get the testing back, but once we do we are diving in head first into treatment. This disease is relentless, and mine is becoming more aggressive the more time goes by. So time is of the essence.

Your thoughts, kindness and support mean more that I can say… If you can donate, thank you! If you can’t, then share it so maybe someone else can. After all, we need to save the dreads! <3