We have been waiting, rather impatiently, for my 23andme results. The approx date of completion came and went. Still nothing. A couple days later I received an email stating that they were behind in their processing, and were doing their best to get everyone their results as quickly as possible. Color us annoyed. Back to waiting.

Well, the day finally arrived this past Tuesday. I immediately sat down and started pouring over the data that I could easily see. Completely and utterly fascinating.

First of all, the fun stuff. I so thoroughly enjoy genealogy. It fascinates me, and it’s one of those things that I keep toying with going to school for. I can spend hours on Ancestry.com working on mine, and Kenny’s, family trees. I can’t wait to get my membership again and continue the quest for finding family from all over the world.

Which brings me to my first results… my ancestry. I expected some of it. Other stuff that we had thought would be there, was not listed. There were also a couple surprises too! Without further ado…. I give you, me.


I am 99.5% European. Shocking I know.

Northwestern European – 93.5%

  • 44.7% – British & Irish
  • 21.1% – French & German
  • 4.0%  – Scandinavian
  • 23.8% – Broadly** Northwestern European

Southern European – 1.2%

  • 0.9% – Iberian(Spanish and Portuguese)
  • 0.3% – Broadly** Southern European

<0.1% – Ashkenazi Jew

Sub-Saharan African – 0.3%

  • 0.2% – West African
  • <0.1% – Broadly** Sub-Saharan African

**this means that my genetics couldn’t be nailed down to a “specific part” of

South Asian – 0.2%

South Asian accounts for the diverse populations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Depending how early this is in my ancestry, this could also account for more African as “Scientists believe that when modern humans first left Africa they traveled along the coast of southern Asia, reaching South Asia very early.”

East Asian & Native American – <0.1%

  • <0.1% – East Asian (Includes Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia)
  • <0.1% – Yakut (Turkic people that live across huge territories of eastern Russia, though originally lived around Lake Bailkal)

Unassigned – <0.1%

This means that this data couldn’t be assigned to any one of the reference data sets.. That message it had besides it was funny. “You may be interested to know that this means that your DNA in unlike most of what we’ve observed before!”

There you have it! I am totally fascinated by these results. I knew that I was British, the rest is all a delightful surprise to me.

mthfrWith these results came loads of raw data. And I do mean loads. The text file that I downloaded was a 15MB text file. So much to look through. I immediately went over to a website suggested by my ND and loaded in the file, paid the nominal fee to process the data. A couple minutes later I had my completed 43 page results of my genetic testing. This included a green, yellow and red risk factor mark next to each SNP. I glanced through the first part(pictured to the right), and was thinking that everything looked decent. Not great, but decent. Then I got to the second stage of my liver processing, and that is where everything went a little crazy. The first stage of my liver function is fine. The second stage…. Wowie woowie. It is very obvious and apparent that my liver is not functioning correctly. At all. I immediately sent the results off to my ND so that she would be ready for our appt on Thursday.

I poured over the results for a good portion of the day. They have it so you can click on the gene SNP you are looking at and, most of the time, be sent to a page containing information about what that gene and/or SNP does. Some of them also reference what a mutation with that particular gene would mean. Some of it was very straightforward. Others, I had a little harder time following. I am totally fascinated by all of this. Like completely and utterly.

If you would like to be tested as well, check it out by clicking here. It will pop you over to the site, and you can easily purchased your testing kit. (This is a referral link that I get a small donation from when you purchase through it. This money is also used to purchase things that I need on my journey to healing. Thank you so much if you do order!)

headache-diagram-diaryThere was a lot to discuss at the appt on Thursday with my ND. I had also created a headache diary for her at my last appt. for my flare up days. It’s hard to tell someone “where it hurts” when you have been in pain for so long. So I decided to make up my very own diary(pictured here), complete with charts where I could mark down my headache pain spots. She was in love with this, and it helped so much. We discussed the diary, and what the results for the genetic testing meant As we talked it became more apparent that there is more going on with my liver. From the genetic testing, which shows that my liver is not functioning properly, to issues with the tooth that I had to have pulled(which just so happens to be on the liver meridian), to my cyst issues late 2014, to my high testosterone levels(your liver processes your hormones too), to other things that we have discussed with her.

She is an amazing ND in general, and also an amazing LLND. I couldn’t ask for better care. She told me that she had taken my headache diary over to the acupuncturist, as she had been thinking a lot about what I had given her, and gone over the different places that I have my additional flare pain. I have a constant “all over” headache pain, but when I flare I get these additional, intensely painful, very specific spots that hurt. The acupuncturist proceeded to let her know that all of the places where I have additional pain are all liver acupuncture points.

It is all making sense now. Well, the parts associated to my liver are now making sense. This is why I can take medication and all sorts of weird stuff can happen. Or nothing happens at all. This is why I can drink alcohol like it’s water, and nothing happens. No, I don’t drink alcohol like it’s water.

There is actually so much that is tied to my liver, that my ND has ordered an ultrasound to make sure there is nothing anatomically wrong with it. She has a concern that there may be something wrong with it. She just wants to make sure. So, we head in very early on tomorrow morning for an ultrasound and to make sure that my liver doesn’t have anything else, or anything serious, wrong with it.

Along with these findings I have found out that my cannabinoid receptors, along with my Vit D receptors(the Vit D processing from sunlight is done here), don’t work at all. This is why, the multiple times I have tried using medical marijuana(oils, tinctures, candies, chocolates, smoking, baked goods) to treat my pain, it has had zero effect. My receptors do not work properly at all.

Next came the stuff that we will be watching, and working on. This will only happen once we get my body working properly again, and my lyme(and co-infections) under control. I have many markers from my gene mutations for cancers of different sorts, neurological disorders, hemochromatosis… just to name a few.

As my ND explained, and I love this explanation. “If you were to look at the results of people a few generations ago, the results would look totally different. Our results have changed because the world around us has changed. Many people have markers in their genetic make up. Just because you have the marker, doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Our bodies are the loaded gun, and the way we choose to live is the trigger.” I love how she worded that. I can’t wait to dig further into the results with her, but for now we work on the big stuff.

My liver needs to be ok. We should know within a few days if it is. If it’s not, then we take that news and move forward with whatever that entails. If, anatomically, it is “fine” than we move forward with getting it functioning normally. Of course we are hoping for “good news” when it comes to the ultrasound, but we are prepared for whatever direction life takes us.

We take it one day at a time. For now all IV therapy has been paused, as one of the mutations can actually cause major complications if we don’t know what exactly it is doing. I am having 2 special blood tests done to check those results, before we continue with anything else. If this specific gene is pushing in the opposite direction than we think, it could have very negative effects. We are also rechecking my fibrinogen(thickness/stickiness of my blood) to see if we have made any progress. We will also expectantly be waiting the results of my liver and gallbladder ultrasound. Then a new road of treatment begins. We will continue treating my lyme and co-infections, and will be adding in whatever is part of the next step in treatment.

I have an amazing LLND that has helped us so much already. I am so utterly blessed to have a husband, partner, support and friend to get me through. I have 4 of the most spectacular and empathetic children. I have so much to be thankful for. No matter what happens on this journey, we are prepared. So, thank you again, as always, for all your thoughts, prayers, messages, and support. It is appreciated more than you will ever know….