It’s been a few months since we’ve posted an update. A lot has happened since our last post. For one, we bought a house and moved! Living here in Oregon has been such an amazing experience. If you had of told us 4 years ago that we would be homeowners, we wouldn’t have believed it. But… here we are! We moved a bit out into the country away from town where I work and the kids go to school, but it allowed us to have a space of our own. We are free from the “threat” of having our rental house put on the market shortly after we moved in (happened in every house we’ve rented since moving here). So after finding said house, we needed to renovate the master bathroom immediately as it only had a shower. According to Tash’s Doctor (and other Lyme patients, caregivers, and Lyme Literate Medical Doctors), you need a bath with epsom salts often to aid in detoxing the die off. So after 3 weeks of hard work with the help of the AWESOME Adams Construction (who also happen to be my in-laws), the master bathroom went from this:

To looking like this:

Another development is that Tash has now started a new treatment at the same practice. Well, let me pause for a second and say that a large development happened in the middle of our move. Tash’s convulsions got much worse. Multiple times a day she would have uncontrollable, violent convulsions. There was then a concern, because it started to cause pressure behind her eyes and burning inside her head. Her medication was immediately evaluated and she was dropped down to the minimum dose. The convulsions slowed down their assault immediately. Her body was not handling it well, and couldn’t get rid of the die off fast enough.

It was decided at that she would start acupuncture with a Doctor that has over 15 years experience working with Lyme Patients. Actually, he has Lyme Disease himself, and understands not only the needs of his patients from direct experience, but also the road that it takes to getting your life back. The purpose of the acupuncture is to help boost her immune system, and help bring down symptoms during her ongoing treatment. And I have to say, that after her first two appointments (which are now once a week), her photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light) has diminished exceptionally and during the renovation, my sweet wife was able to help (like so):

From appointment 1 to appointment 2 was an amazing improvement. Her nausea was better for the first week, then slowly got worse again. Her convulsions, after having one more the first week… stopped. Completely. This in itself is amazing. While it hasn’t helped her headache at all, and we still have a long road ahead, the improvements that it had brought about were truly amazing. Overall the improvement was totally astounding to watch.

Seeing this woman that I love so much being able to smile… be up and about and improve, even if ever so slightly, brought me to tears several times over the last month. We would go out to the firepit and enjoy s’mores… go out and Barbecue, and look for lumber for the renovation project (which gives me an excuse to post more pictures… these are gorgeous pieces of juniper that we used), among other things.

Again, watching her enjoying time with her family, working with our hands to work on something that is ours… something that we have worked so hard for since the beginning of our marriage, brought me to tears several times. Nothing compares to the feeling that your spouse, your best friend, is starting to have even a little bit of a reprieve to something that has plagued her for so long. So where does that leave us now?

Snap back to reality. We still have a long way to go. In the last week, her ticks, convulsions and nausea have resurfaced pretty heavily. She went from having zero convulsions daily back to having one to three a day. Her walking has also become unsteady again…

We had an appointment yesterday that involved buying several supplements and medication that are needed to keep up with her treatment protocol. That was a wallet stinger. After her first appointment, her Dr (who is wonderful) immediately gave a call to the acupuncturist Tash is seeing and he came in early just to see her. This guy is awesome. Compassionate, knowledgeable, and damn good at his job. He took the time to explain what was going on. Consider yourself warned(as my mother-in-law sits and plugs her ears while LALALALALA’ing away as Tash was explaining it to her). There is a 3-5 week hatch cycle, depending on the person. Yup, baby spirochetes have been hatching and causing a flare in symptoms. Being that her immune system is a little stronger, it’s causing a reaction to the sudden influx of spirochetes. Delightful huh? The explanation, while cringe worthy, was very helpful in explaining the sudden back slide in symptoms. We are to expect these every 3-4 weeks for the first little bit. They can last from a few days, all the way to 14-15 days. As treatment progresses the duration in between digression will get longer, and the length it stays will get shorter. It’s hard not to feel like we’re losing ground again, but at least we understand why now…

Anyway, by the time I came back to pick Tash up, her ticks were gone and her nausea had subsided slightly.

She has another session next week and we’re hoping that we will see improvement. Her headaches are still there in full force (which is what started this all), her breathing issues are still there and she’s still dealing with skin sensitivity. We’re hoping to get a few different fundraising campaigns ready for launch within the coming weeks (it is a bit to get it all organized). If you still wanted to contribute, you still can donate at and we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Also if you wouldn’t mind hitting “share” to help spread the word, we’d appreciate it. I promise updates will come more frequently as things quiet down so until then…